About Us

We are a strategic, we are local experts

As a family company since 1972, our relationship with people like you and our commitment to create thriving communities are at the heart of everything we do. It’s…the Windermere Way.


Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill, Inc is a collection of strong, caring, real estate agents and staff, representative of our diverse and eclectic market area, who help people buy and sell single family homes, condominiums, investment property and land.

We are the "go to" office for real estate in Seattle…We are deeply immersed in the community, making a positive impact and a difference in people's lives. Our hard working agents share similar principles and methods of doing business and are supportive and collaborative with one another providing a consistent and exceptional level of service. It is a working environment that real estate agents and staff want to be a part of on a daily basis…not only because it’s a place that’s fun and energizing, but also a place that evokes trustworthiness.. where they feel safe, respected, trusted, accepted and their contribution is meaningful.

My Personal Mission

Discover my talents, reach my potential, lead a happy healthy life and make a positive difference in the world.
Improve the quality of life for agents and staff in our office, help real estate agents to focus on being relevant to their clients by providing meaningful value to the real estate transaction, provide consistency, credibility, and competent guidance to agents and staff as they build successful and balanced real estate careers.

Bottom Line

We get the results you seek and provide the level of service you expect. Call me at 206-324-8900 or contact me at patgrimm@windermere.com

Windermere Real Estate Capitol Hill