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The Windermere Way

As a family company since 1972, our relationship with people and our commitment to create thriving communities are at the heart of everything we do. It’s…the Windermere Way.

Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill, Inc is a real estate brokerage focused on the Central Seattle/Capitol Hill marketplace located in Capitol Hill since 1977. It is a collection of strong, caring, real estate agents and staff, representative of our diverse and eclectic market area.

Dynamic Team

Windermere’s community of real estate professionals is our greatest asset. We have experts in all areas of real estate, from your typical starter home to condos, luxury properties, and new construction. While residential real estate is the mainstay of our business, Windermere also has offices and associates who specialize in property management, commercial real estate, and relocation services. To further facilitate the home buying process, Windermere has affiliated partners in certain regions to provide mortgage, title, and escrow services.

The Best Tools

Our agents have access to a wide range of innovative tools and programs, allowing them to serve home buyers and sellers in a way that is truly unique to Windermere. Some of our most successful tools were born from our agents’ own ingenuity, and we continually look to them for ways to improve upon everything we do. Ultimately, the most powerful tool that Windermere has is our agents; their professionalism and commitment to community enables them to tailor their service individually to each of their clients’ needs.

Focus on Community

Windermere is committed to the communities in which we live and work. Through the Windermere Foundation, our annual Community Service Day, and a variety of community events, Windermere agents, owners, and staff work together to help build and sustain thriving neighborhoods.

Pat Grimm

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If Windermere Capitol Hill sounds like it might be a good fit for you please contact our Owner/Designated Broker, Pat Grimm, 206-324-8900

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Marco Kronen

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2008

I can't say enough wonderful things about the positive culture, comradery, and professionalism that I am surrounded by at Windermere Capitol Hill. Pat Grimm is a talented leader that focuses on being creative, working with integrity, and supporting his brokers by empowering them to be their absolute best version of themselves. He and his skilled office staff have created a supportive environment which has allowed me to focus on delivering great service to my clients and has been invaluable to helping me excel and grow my business over the 12 years I've been a part of the Windermere family.

Joe Nabbefeld

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2009

I would have Windermere Capitol Hill list my home. In fact I did! The office's middle name is integrity. That tone starts with Pat Grimm, the owner.

Jimmy Chuang

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2019

After interviewing 18 real estate offices, I chose Windermere Capitol Hill. Pat Grimm truly cares about every agent’s’ business and life. We met 3 times prior I joined. He help me understand my strength/weakness, and develop strategies to succeed. I enjoy working here everyday!

Kris Ginthner

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2009

There is no better place to work. Pat is present and available to each and everyone of us. One of his greatest joys is watching our success.

Lisa Visintainer

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2014

This office is a wonderful place to work. The agents are very good at what they do, are highly professional, ethical and care about each other. Pat Grimm is a gifted trainer and is highly supportive of his agents and our clients.

Ted Bash

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2014

Wonderful place to call "Home". Pat Grimm fosters an environment where we celebrate one another's successes, offer support and encouragement every day. Windermere itself is a great organization to be affiliated with and the Capitol Hill office exemplifies what Windermere stands for.

Michael Harris

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2010

What an exceptional office! Pat Grimm is the most giving and present Broker you could hope for. I love the fact that he doesn't sell Real Estate himself and answers my phone calls and texts late into the night, on personal vacations and weekends. I don't know anyone that would do that as consistently as Pat Grimm. I love this guy! Our office is full of people with the same commitment as Pat. This is the people he recruits! likable, Go-givers, respectful, team players and trustworthy. Not to mention, fun! I've never been in an office where almost all of the Brokers vacation together multiple times a year. We work hard and represent our clients well. We also play hard! Thank you Pat for making Windermere Capitol Hill a place I can call home. Michael

Derek DeWolf

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2014

When I met Pat Grimm and the Windermere Capitol Hill family it was as if the universe aligned. I was home! I was able to do what I love, be who I am and live my values. I’ve been supported by Pat 100% of the time without question or hesitation. The environment Pat has created is similar to that of a family. We love, support and lift one another up. Beyond a professional relationship I look to Pat as an inspiration. His values hone my soul, his heart is pure and filled with generosity. He’s the kind of guy that inspires continual growth both as a professional and also a human being. For that he has my gratitude and loyalty. Windermere Capitol Hill is our slice of euphoria in Seattle. I’m so grateful to be part of the family!

Margie Hallgrimson

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2003

Pat is the best broker in the world. He answers my calls quickly at any hour and always has the answers to my complicated questions. He has my back and I feel secure in my position as a broker in his office. Pat does not sell real estate because the brokers in his office are his priority. His insights are thoughtful, intentional, and respectful because he wants me to be successful.
Our office is very fun, exciting, diverse, and very accepting and I love being part of it. Pat, thanks for everything!

Nina Zerbo

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2018

If I could give 6 stars I would. Pat Grimm has such an incredible reputation in the community and is just all around genuine, kind and insanely knowledgeable. Every time I have gone to Pat for advice I walk away thinking, "wow, I would have never thought of that". He thinks outside the box and knows all the ins and outs of real estate. The office culture and environment coupled with his dedication to the people in the office is unprecedented. I'm so grateful for Pat Grimm!

Dustin Van Wyck

at Windermere Capitol Hill since 2012

As the owner of Windermere Capitol Hill, Pat Grimm has created an environment for brokers that is unmatched. Pat is a non-producing owner so there is no conflict of interest when it comes to ensuring his brokers always come first. If you are looking for a real estate office with the support and culture to help you reach your full potential, look no further.

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