Windermere Capitol Hill Reaches 454,000 in Charitable Donations

Windermere Capitol Hill owner Pat Grimm proudly announced donations to 18 community organizations via the Windermere Foundation. “For the past 27 years, the Windermere Foundation has donated a portion of the proceeds from every home purchased or sold towards supporting low-income and homeless families, and people at risk in our communities,” said Grimm.



   Windermere Real Estate Promotes Diversity with Three Dollar Bill Cinema Sponsorship

Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill was proud to be the main sponsor for the Three Dollar Bill Cinema 9th Annual Dinner & Auction. “The hugely successful ‘Top Gun’ event celebrated diversity and was widely supported by the LGBT community, and, even better, it raised $176,000 for Three Dollar Bill Cinema,” said Windermere Capitol Hill’s owner, Pat Grimm.